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Do you have an inspiring story to tell? We want to hear that story. Fill out the form below to request an interview in any of our live shows.

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In order for us to make the proper preparations for your interview, we will need copies of any printed/published materials (i.e., your books, articles, etc.), CDs, tapes, or visual aids (i.e. DVDs, videotapes, pictures, slides) at least two days in advance of your interview.

Furthermore, as a result of your appearance, mail may be received inquiring as to where you may be contacted. Often people ask questions concerning the purchase of books, where to write to order them, their price, etc. We would therefore need to know the address of a particular affiliation you are associated with at the present. If you can think of any other information that may be requested of you, you might put this under additional comments.

Contact information to be featured during broadcast

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Other Information
Answer questions briefly

Describe the steps or events leading up to when you gave your life to Jesus Christ and how your relationship with him has changed you and your lifestyle.

What could you share from your life that would be helpful in bringing someone to faith in Jesus Christ? (Experiences you have had, crises you have gone through, searches or studies you have made, miracles you have seen, etc)

What could you share out of your relationship with Christ that could really help Christians grow and learn to love Jesus in a deeper way?

4. What mission do you feel God has called you to accomplish with your life? (Try to be specific)

5. List some questions you might suggest that the host ask you. These may or may not be used but you should have well-thought-out answers to them in any event. This also helps us know what you would like the interview to be focused on.  

Listed below are some suggestions to help make your visit the most effective for the kingdom of our Lord. These are practical tips designed to make the interview go smoothly. Thank you for being here and for cooperating in helping with these particular areas. Praise the Lord!


1. Please be relaxed and speak up.

2. Remember, you are talking to the host and/or hostess and responding to his/her questions. In a sense you are willing to forget the audience at home and talk to the host. It gives a better appearance to those viewing. You and the host are talking and the folks at home are listening in.

3. Address the host and co-host by their first names. This brings warmth and friendliness to the conversation.


1. Don’t pitch sale items with price; you may direct viewers to website “for more information.”

2. Don’t call cults by name over the air.

3. Don’t mention denominations unless you are speaking well of them. Do not harmfully reflect on any denomination, person, church, race, political party, faith, or sect. It defeats our witness if we offend people. We want to win them to Jesus Christ.


1. We feel very strongly that the Holy Spirit should freely move and flow during the program. There may be times when the schedule will be changed and a guest interview deleted in order to obey the leading of the Spirit.

2. In order to look you best on camera, we suggest the following:

a. Wear pastels, blues, beiges, and browns or bright nice colors.

b. Avoid pinstripes or distinct plaids. They appear to “dance” on the screen.

c. Avoid wearing solid white, bright red, green, yellow or black.

d. Men – Soft, subdued plaids in sport coats are fine

e. We do not provide a make-up artist. Therefore, guests should plan for their best appearance prior to the program and arrive camera ready.

f. Please dress “business to business-casual.”

g. If you have any questions about your attire, call us at the station.

Upon confirmation of your interview, a one week cancellation notice will be required from you should you wish to cancel the interview.

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